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Client Testimonial

Since launching our new website almost 2 years ago, Sale Gurus UK have worked with dozens of clients keen to expand their drinks brand across the National Wholesale Market in the UK.

From Dimas Vodka, vodka with true Ukrainian spirit, to helping Nix & Kix craft drinks brand sensation increase their National sales, to the product placement of Pennington Spirits on ITV This Morning show, the team at sale Gurus UK have been busy ensuring our clients are supported with top class sales and marketing campaigns.

We help our clients to create defined sales strategies to increase lead generation, we leverage our National Buyer relationships on their behalf and help to negotiate favourable contracts that focus on increasing the rate of sale of their products and ultimately growing their brand.

Our expertise ensures there are no costly, time consuming recruitment and training processes in house, no long term commitments and the ultimate benefit to the client is seeing the increase in turnover of their Business. And our hard work hasn't gone unnoticed...

We’ve worked with the Sale Gurus UK team for over 3 months now. Their knowledge of the (F&B) industry is fantastic, and they are always very responsive and professional. If you’re looking to get in front of prospects within the drinks industry, we’d highly advise their services.

Jason Simpson

Simpson Beverages

Sale Gurus have been a great asset to our business in our early days.......experienced knowledge of the on-trade market .....supported our sales efforts and helped with the onboarding of two national wholesalers which has enabled us to considerably widen our distribution network ...For any businesses looking for an on-trade specialist to support their growth, we could highly recommend Sale Gurus.

Hugo Morrissey

Founder, Nuisance Drinks

If you need someone to help your drinks brand elevate to the next level in the on trade and off trade wholesale F&B market, get in touch with our expert sales team today on 01772 418044 or email us on

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