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Dimas Vodka - True Ukranian Spirit

It's been a busy Summer so far for the team at Sale Gurus UK, and we are relishing the buzz in the office that comes with bringing new clients on board.

Our latest clients, Dimas Vodka, offer a unique three-grain signature blend in their Ukrainian vodka, and entrust only the most experienced and knowledgeable Ukrainian distillers. They have teamed up with Sale Gurus UK to build their portfolio and expand their distribution to more outlets within the trade market, with a focus on 5 Star Hotels, Premium bars and exclusive venues across the UK.

Dima's Vodka have won several industry awards, including winning the Silver Vodka & Tonic Award from the International Wine & Spirit Competition, and has received rave reviews on many International blogs such as The Luxe Review and the award winning Travel Distilled blog, where Mike Gerard states;

".....I've not yet been to Ukraine. If Dima’s Vodka is anything to go by, I need to book my ticket."


Earlier this month, Dima Deinega, the Founder of Dima's spoke to Sky News about how well Dima's Vodka is performing so far in the UK market. You can watch a clip of the video below:

As mentioned last year in The Drinks Report, Dima's Vodka is the first multi grain Ukrainian Vodka to ever hit the UK market - now that's an achievement in itself! Dima Deinega, the Founder of Dima's, said:

"It's a hotly debated subject as to which country first invented vodka. I was born in Ukraine and my family owned the country's first Irish pub, so I learned from an early age that vodka is an intrinsic part of Ukraine's food and drink culture, and steeped with so many unique traditions which continue to unite the nation today."

Nick Harman at Foodepedia says Dima's Vodka is "the best of the best", and has created a superb twist on a traditional cocktail, the Bloody Mary, by using left over beetroot from his allotment as well as tips from expert drinks columnist and consultant Douglas Blyde and Dima themselves. Unsurprisingly, he's named it the 'Beetroot Mary'!


At Dima's, they believe that it's quality that truly matters.

The unique climate and Ukrainian black ‘supersoil’ enable the very finest conditions for grains to flourish, meaning that they have the best possible ingredients for their vodka.

Dima's source three of the highest quality grains: barley, wheat and rye, which give their vodka a richer and more rounded flavour profile, crystal-clear clarity and an enviable velvety smoothness.

You can get your bottle of Dima's Vodka right now from retailers across the UK, including Delivered Drinks (they will also throw in free pickles and a bottle of tonic), who believe that Dima’s Ukrainian vodka "truly sets the new vodka standard."


Sale Gurus UK are a Preston based National Branding Agency, who deal with many National accounts and specialise in accelerating brand sales in drinks and food, driving revenue for clients, and helping Businesses to get their food and drink listed in the F&B industry.

From restaurants to bars, supermarkets, clubs and other retail outlets, Sale Gurus UK have a vast number of key contacts within the Food and Beverage sector, enabling us to help you list your food or drink brand with the right Company. And as a specialist drinks agency, we can offer Business Owners the insight and knowledge to take their brand to the next level in terms of Marketing and Sales.


If you're looking for the best Sales Agency to start up food and drinks brands in the UK, then look no further than Sale Gurus UK. Get in touch now to see how we can help your Brand.

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