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Focus on National Sales - Sale Gurus UK Client - Nix & Kix Drinks Brand

Updated: Jun 13, 2022

Who are Nix & Kix?

Nix & Kix is a craft drinks brand sensation, and is the brainchild of co-founders Kerstin Robinson and Julia Kessler. Through a chance encounter and the discovery of a shared passion for adventure, they joined forces and after much hard work (and many kitchen experiments!) they created the Nix & Kix drinks brand.

Nix & Kix drinks are flavourful, 100% natural carbonated beverages, without any additives and only come in glass bottles and aluminium cans (their cans are BPA free, without any plastic lining inside).

"We enjoy the freedom in exploring and creating natural drinks that excite us. And once we discovered how much other people love them, we haven’t stopped!"

During their experimental process, Kerstin and Julia discovered that just the right hint of cayenne gave each one of the drinks a refreshing 'zing', but also meant that they didn't need to add any sugar or artificial ingredients. Also, since cayenne contains capsaicin, those who drink the Nix & Kix drinks may notice a boost in metabolism and increased endorphin levels - a real bonus in this new world of health and wellness.

"We think it's time for more and better choices when it comes to soft drinks. We love different and we love better which is why we are here - we want to bring better taste, better for you and a refreshing new spark of adventure to soft drinks."

Who are Sale Gurus UK & what can we do for F&B brands?

Sale Gurus UK are experts in selling food and drinks brands into the wholesale market. Whether you're looking to leverage buyer relationships or you want to negotiate favourable contracts for your brand, Sale Gurus UK can help.

Support of Nix & Kix will include helping them in a National on-trade sales capacity; going after National Accounts as an adult soft drink challenger brand, with a key focus on helping them to drive distribution in bars and National Groups.

At Sale Gurus UK we have extensive experience in helping clients to achieve listings, grow your product sales and increase your market share. If you're looking for help defining a sales strategy for your food or drinks brand and would like to take advantage of our established buyer relationships, contact our talented sales team today!

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