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How to get your drinks brand to market - an F&B Business start up guide

With the start to the new year comes the start to many new Businesses, who are looking for specialist brand consultants to bring their product to market.

So, our expert team of Sales and Marketing Consultants at Sale Gurus UK, who specialise in boosting sales for Businesses in the food & drinks industry; have put together the top 4 things to consider when launching your brand and product in the UK F&B market.

If you're wondering how to promote a drink product, or you're looking for the best marketing strategy for the food & beverage industry; there's a few bridges you need to cross first to ensure you are best placed to compete against the many other food and drinks brands looking to launch their product to market in the UK.

So when you're ready to launch your food & drinks brand in the U.K in 2023, you definitely need to focus on the following points...

What is your USP?

The foundation of any brand, service or product, your Unique Selling Point is what is going to get people listening. Do you really have a stand out product? Then tell us all about it!

Good pricing

Understanding your product, the market, and your competition, is key to setting a realistic price point for your brand. Pricing yourself out of the market will potentially harm your reputation and certainly delay any profits; however pricing too low will make National wholesalers question your professionalism and the quality of your product.

Do you fill a gap in the market?

If you want to get your food or drinks product in bars and restaurants then our expert team with over 25 years experience in the food and drinks industry can help you with that.

But before we approach our Key National Account Partners about your brand, we need to feel certain that your product will be what they are looking for.

Does your food or drinks brand benefit a certain demographic, or fix a problem in the current offering available to consumers? Is it a sustainable product, is it vegan friendly? Maybe it has no added sugar? Whatever it is, you need to ensure you've done your research and know that there is a gap in the food and drinks sector that needs filling with your product in 2023.

How much funding do you have available?

Do you have a have enough funding to sustain a business past 1 year without sales? With a solid track record of marketing both established and new UK Food & Drink Brands, Sale Gurus UK growth consultants can get you off to the best start with professional marketing strategies; but as with any Business - the rest is up to you!

Get in touch

When working with Sale Gurus UK as specialist consultants who focus on National sales and growth with our clients; it's important that before approaching our close partners in National F&B Accounts, that all of the above points are in order. This is where our expert team of sales and marketing specialists come into play! We're happy to offer a consultation either in person at our professional offices based in Preston, or via Zoom meeting. If you're ready to take the next step with your food & drinks brand then Get In Touch with Sale Gurus UK today.

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