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What's new for Spring 2022 - Food & Beverage Trends

At Sale Guru's UK it's our job to keep a close eye on the Food & Beverage industry trends. Whether it's immune boosting food and drink supplements, a rise in the popularity of Japanese flavours or CBD infused drinks and the growing flexitarian movement; what's certain is that this Spring we are going to see some interesting trends in the UK and European food and beverage market.

Spring Trend 1 - More Plant-based Meat

Generation Z are becoming adults, and they are leading the way and shaping the trends - especially when it comes to ethical food and sustainability. Veganism has seen huge growth over the past couple of years, and this Spring it will continue to grow and evolve, with more focus on the texture of plant based food products.

Spring Trend 2 - Superfood Ingredients

Once again, this is a trend that is being shaped by the Gen Z 'almost adults' demographic; but it's also being lead by Millennials who are searching for ways to improve mood, boost energy levels and improve gut health.

For example, adaptogens which are used to help your body adjust to biological stress and rebalance, are moving into more mainstream and premium drinks products such as sparkling water and premium tonics. CBD is also now making its way into sparkling water, coffee, alcoholic beverages and even sweets that claim to help people relax. However, the key to success for brands who use superfood ingredients, is to ensure they find the perfect balance between nutrition and flavour for consumers.

Spring Trend 3 - It's All About The Flavour

Spring's trendiest drink flavours in 2022 are going to be more traditional flavours that we know, but with a healthy boost. Whether you're drinking alcoholic beverages or choosing to drink low calorie beverage options; you'll be seeing more in the way of familiar flavours suh as herbs, vanilla and cocoa. But as consumers are becoming more mindful about what they drink, you'll see these traditional flavours with a healthy twist; adding ingredients like coconut milk, charcoal and hemp is what will make beverages stand out this season, and help clients to see a boost in drinks sales.

Spring Trend 4 - Coffee Anyone?

Coffee and tea are both on the rise (according to Mintel research, cold brew coffee sales rose 450 percent in the past two years), and they will be even more popular in bars and restaurants this Spring now that restrictions have been dropped and the public are returning to nights out and alfresco dining.

Manufacturers are focused on adding unique flavours to coffee blends, with nitro and cold brew options being a popular choice in retail outlets and restaurants alike.

You can find out more info about how Sale Guru's UK can help with drinks brands sales HERE, or why not read about some of the clients we have worked with. If you're looking for help to expand your food or drinks brand, get in touch with our team at Sale Gurus UK - you can contact us via our website.

For more info including Business guidance, news and alerts plus general food hygeine safety visit the Food Standards Agency (FSA).

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