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Pennington Spirits on This Morning ITV Show - Sale Gurus F&B Marketing Campaign

Updated: Jun 13, 2022

We love our jobs here at Sale Gurus UK, as not only do we get to assist our clients with their product sales growth, but we get to do it on some very big, very exciting and highly successful platforms too!
award winning penningtons spirits kendal mint cake liquer on itv this morning show, with alan clarke vernon kay and josie gibson - courtesy of sale gurus uk - experts in selling food and drink brands

Recently the team at Sale Gurus UK took on a new client, Pennington Spirits - and very soon we were putting our plans to help them drive distribution into action.

Last month one of the Pennington Spirits was featured on the ITV This Morning show, on their "Eggcellent Easter Cocktails" segment with food and drink TV producer and presenter, Andy Clarke.

The Kendal mint cake liqueur feature on This Morning's F&B segment was extremely fun to watch, as Vernon Kay and Josie Gibson giddily drank their way through Andy's chocloatey creations - chocolatey because the focus was Easter cocktails. Their reactions to some of the cocktails were mixed; but when they tasted the Mint egg 'choc-tail' (view recipe) with pump street chocolate and the Pennington Spirits' Kendal mint cake liqueur, Vernon described it as 'unbelievable' and when Josie drank it she simply stated "WOW"...

"You must have a lot of fun making up cocktails with your husband Alan, because that (Kendal Mint Cake Liquer Cocktail)... is unbelievable!"

- Vernon Kay, ITV This Morning

award winning penningtons spirits kendal mint cake liquer on itv this morning show with Alan clarke, courtesy of sale gurus uk - experts in selling food and drink brands

Andy Clarke

Andy Clarke is a Series Producer & Food and Drink Writer, who classes himself as a 'Professional eater and drinker'. Andy has worked on several TV shows including 'Saturday Kitchen Live' on BBC1 and 'Gordon, Gino & Fred: Road Trip' on ITV. He is highly respected within the food and wine industry and is a member of the Guild of Food Writers. He is regularly asked to judge at National and International food and drink events, such as the 'Great Taste Awards' and 'Independent English Wine Awards', which is why it's a great accolade to have him recommend the Pennington Spirits brand on a National television programme viewed by over a million Britons daily.

"I love chocolate mint, my husband loves chocolate mint, and I've made this (cocktail) with him in mind... this (Kendal mint cake liquer) is beautiful, it's got flavours of Kendal mint cake, white chocolate, dark chocolate..."

- Andy Clarke, ITV This Morning

If you'd like to give this choc-tail a go for yourself, check out the recipe below!
award winning penningtons spirits kendal mint cake liquer on itv this morning show, courtesy of sale gurus uk - experts in selling food and drink brands

Mint Egg Choc-tail Recipe

Serves 2

(Served in a chocolate Easter egg)

Ingredients for the hot chocolate

- 70g Pump Street 75% Drinking Chocolate

- 200ml Whole Milk

- 150ml Double Cream

Method for the hot chocolate

- Pour the milk and cream into a pan and add in the dark chocolate. Stir with a whisk over medium heat. After 5 minutes or so the chocolate should be dissolved. Once the liquid boils, take immediately off of the heat.

- Once room temperature, chill in the fridge until making the cocktail. (This will last for at least three days in the fridge.)

Ingredients for the cocktail

- 250ml (5 parts) Pennington’s Kendal Mint Cake & White Chocolate Liqueur

- 350ml (7 parts) Chilled Down Pre-made Dark Hot Chocolate

Method for the cocktail

- Cut the top off of the eggs and melt the bottoms so that the eggs stand unaided.Put ice in the eggs. Put ice in a jug, add and mix the 2 liquids. Pour.


- Matchmakers and After Eight Mints stuck in squirty canned cream (+ a straw)


- You can grate or finely chop whatever chocolate you like – but dark gets the best flavour profile.

- If you have rock left over from last year's holiday, you could crush this on top.

- Make this non-alcoholic by adding mint essence / extract.

Pennington spirits award winning kendalmint cake liquer marketing campaign by sale gurus uk, experts in selling food and drink brands

Pennington's award winning spirits had humble beginnings at the family wine bar in Kendal, but have since risen to dizzying heights through their hard work; including the Kendal Mint Cake Liquer which won Gold in the Liqueur Masters Awards in 2019, and Silver in the Bartenders Brand Awards in 2018. As the Buseinss grew, so did the need to bring on more experts in the field of F&B marketing and distibution - including Sale Gurus UK.

Sale gurus uk logo - experts in selling food and drink brands

Sale Gurus UK are experts in selling; our extensive knowledge of the food and beverage industry, alongside our experience in F&B wholesale has allowed us to build strong Business relationships with key stakeholders within top wholesale companies and distributors. This means our clients get the best representation and sales support required to help them increase awareness of their brand and drive revenue in a highly competitive market.

Contact David at Sale Gurus UK today if you are looking for representation for your food or drinks brand.

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