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Updated: Jun 14, 2021

A brand that has wellness at it's core; Sale Gurus UK would like to introduce our newest clients; TheVitCo.

TheVitCo focus is to supply innovative products for those needing simple health & wellness solutions that work around their everyday lives...

TheVitCo have created several solutions for those struggling to get the right amount of Vitamins and Minerals in their daily diets. Co-founded by Peter Love, Jack Taylor and Simon Malcolm, TheVitCo have the benefit of their combined experience within the Finance, Sports science, Manufacturing and Design industries. After his Mother-In-Law became unwell, Peter realised there was no easy way to ensure she was getting all the beneficial Vitamins she needed into her system. So he began to do some research into what products were out there - and the rest is history.

Focusing on 3 key areas, TheVitCo have started working with the team at Sale Gurus UK to elevate their brand within the Pharmacy, Elderly Care, Retail, Health & Fitness and Education sectors.

Sale Gurus UK logo, from the SaleGurusUK blog, talking about new clients TheVitCo, suppliers of CBD and vitmin products.

The main product, VITPatch, is a traditional healing and nutrition supplement that can complement any wellness programme. It helps to boost focus and fitness for sportsmen and women and aides concentration for academics. TheVitCo also offer a range of oils and topical creams to supplement and compliment the VITPatch products.

With the Canabidoil Market estimated to have an annual growth of 21.2% between 2021 - 2028, and with the public becoming more aware of the importance of micronutrients in their diets; now was the perfect time for TheVitCo to team up with Sale Gurus UK to assist with future listings, managing distribution and pushing the brand with our contacts in the F&B sector across the UK, getting them in front of key stakeholders at top drinks distribution companies.


Sale Gurus UK logo, from the SaleGurusUK blog, talking about new clients TheVitCo, suppliers of CBD and vitmin products.

Sale Gurus UK are a Preston based National Branding Agency, who deal with many National accounts and specialise in accelerating brand sales in drinks and food, driving revenue for clients, and helping Businesses to get their food and drink listed in the F&B industry.

From restaurants to bars, supermarkets, clubs and other retail outlets, Sale Gurus UK have a vast number of key contacts within the Food and Beverage sector, enabling us to help you list your food or drink brand with the right Company. And as a specialist drinks agency, we can offer Business Owners the insight and knowledge to take their brand to the next level in terms of Marketing and Sales.


If you're looking for the best Sales Agency to start up food and drinks brands in the UK, then look no further than Sale Gurus UK. Get in touch now to see how we can help your Brand.

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