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What's new for Autumn 2022 - Food & Beverage Trends

Back in March, David at Sale Gurus UK talked about the latest F&B industry trends that had been hitting the Food & Beverage market so far that year, and our predictions for the year ahead. Now 6 months on, we take another look at how the year is shaping up for F&B brands in the UK, and what drinks brands and artisan drink companies can expect for the rest of the year leading into 2023...

At Sale Guru's UK we like to keep a close eye on Food & Beverage industry trends. This helps us to help our clients, who rely on our expertise to enable us to advise them of the best campaign options for their brands.

Only a month after our predictions, Guinness launched a new cold brew coffee beer in the UK, after having much success in the USA. But don't worry - with only 2mg of caffeine, it's only about as potent as a decaf coffee, so you can still enjoy a pint of an evening without worrying about staying awake all night!

We've already seen the arrival of immune-boosting drink supplements, as well as a huge rise in the popularity of CBD infused drinks and products; like those offered by one of our clients The VitCo.

So what are we are going to see in terms of interesting trends in the UK and European food and beverage market in the next few months?

Autumn Trend 1 - More Sustainability please!

It's easy to say the next generation are leading the way when it comes to ethical food and sustainability. However it's not just the younger demographic that are focused on the 'net zero' agenda. Heading into the party season when more food and drink will be consumed than any other time of the year, it's going to be more important than ever for food and drink establishments to prove their green credentials to customers.

Autumn Trend 2 - The more popular than ever Mocktail

The past couple of years has seen many people heading online to improve their health and fitness, and with this they are being more conscious of what they are putting into their bodies. For people who are searching for ways to boost energy levels and improve liver health. then surely the humble Mocktail is the answer!

With more and more brands appearing in the non-alcoholic section on the supermarket shelves, it's no wonder that non-alcoholic drinks brand Lyre have seen a £170 million jump in profits in the last year!

Autumn Trend 3 - Rum is the word

When it comes to rum, bars and restaurants have always had this as a main staple on the drinks menu. However, making a huge explosion onto the scene this year are more rum based cocktails. The hugely successful Rum company the Rusty Krab rum shop in King's Lynn has seen a massive increase in sales since opening their high street shop only 6 months ago, and have even gone into partnership with local restaurants who are serving their rum based cocktail 'Langs' due to popular demand! We predict this is only the beginning for local Rum merchants and new rum drinks brands, so watch this space...

The successful predictions we made earlier in the year are a great example of why it's important for your F&B Sales Agency to have the knowledge, dedication and expertise to stay at the top of their game. At Sale Gurus UK, with two decades of experience in the wholesale F&B sector and relationships with key National Food & Beverage Accounts; we believe we are best placed to help drinks brands to increase exposure and revenue.

You can find out more info about how Sale Guru's UK can help with drinks brands sales HERE, or get in touch with our team at Sale Gurus UK on 01772 418044

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